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Join the USS Fulton Association for $10 per year. Help support the memory of the USS Fulton and stay in touch with your shipmates. Send your dues in January for the year to the Treasurer.


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2018 – 2020

President: Danny Penhall Life #142

Wife: Shirley


1st Vice President: Paul Abelquist    Life #208


2nd Vice President: M. Wayne Fleury Life #335

Wife: Jane


Secretary: Thomas Ryan, Life #315


Asst Secretary:  K. Dale Williams, Sr., Life #122    

Wife: Beverly


Treasurer: Dennis French, Life 304

Wife: Cynthia


Asst Treasurer: Richard Hartman    Life #273

Wife: Dolores


Past President 12-14 Bob Stout


Past President 14-16  Bill Guhl,


Past President  16- 18 Ray Collins   


Member at Large: Donald F. Smith  

Wife: Rose


The following appointed positions are not members of the Executive Committee:


Historian: Ray Collins


Storekeeper: K. Dale Williams, Sr.


Data Processor/BD/ANN: Richard Hartman  


Chaplain: Bill Guhl


Asst. Chaplain: Ray Cooley


Parliamentarian: James Gename,