*** USS Fulton Association 2010 Reunion***









The reunion was well attended with well over 100 people attending.

Now here is a Fulton plank owner with his new wife.

Allan Bowers is 99 years old and worked in the foundry in 1941.

He was recently married to his lovely wife Verna who enjoyed the reunion.






So this guy comes up to me and says, "Bet you don't remember me,

but I replaced you in July of 71?" So on the left is Wayne Fleury,

of Michigan, who replaced me, your webmaster, Bob Callahan in radio central.

Now another great reason to attend the reunions. Here is myself and my former watch supervisor in radio central, Pete Loomis of Buffalo, New York. Now how neat is that to be able to reminisce with the guys you spent so much time with many years ago?




The new officers being introduced.

Here you can see the outgoing Association

President at his table, Captain Richard Hartman, USN, Ret.





Photos and captions by Bob Callahan,  w1qwt@arrl.net








Last edited on December 30, 2012