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S1 inspection by Captain Duncan circa 1963-1964


State Pier New London CT

USS Fulton with Squadron Ten boats at State Pier.



Bob Stout MA2-DP2 (circa 1965)



Last berth for the USS Fulton in Brownsville, Texas. January 1996 before being cut up for salvage.




Glen W. Work, Emil A. Geffert, and Ches Laird holding the only surviving part of the ship. This porthole glass now resides in the Vallejo, Ca. museum.


Emil Geffert, Portside looking aft at last berth in 1996.


Starboard side looking aft 1996.



1970 Thanksgiving menu onboard the USS Fulton


USS Fulton passing San Juan in the sixties.



USS Fulton at the State Pier in New London in 1962

Pictured with her is the USS Skylark ASR-20, a sub rescue ship


USS Fulton moored at NYC in 1964 Picture: Bill Guhl




USS Fulton moored at the State Pier, New London, CT in 1964 Picture: Bill Guhl





Shows RM3 Callahan chipping paint on the Signal Shack while in the yards at Charlestown, SC in 1971. This view is starboard side looking aft.



This is the radio repair group. The radiomen and ET's of this division did the repair for the subs. The ships operation division also had ET's and Radiomen for the Fulton only.

If the layout was the same when the webmaster was aboard this shop was located aft on the 02 level I believe.

This picture was submitted by Ira W. Goodin who served aboard the Fulton during WW2.


Picture of the USS Fulton being scrapped courtesy of Cliff Simonsen.



Pictured above is John Crosby Basham BM1, being congratulated by W.W. Patrick EM1, President of the Recreational Committee, on his winning of the Fulton's contest to name the new crew's lounge. The winning name was "Hideaway". (1956)


A new Chiefs initiation of eating from a trough in 1956. Pictured are: Bill J. Sego, TEC; Manfred C. Marotta, DCC; Bill W. Patrick, EMC; and Vincent Lanza, SKC.



USS Fulton Deactivation Ceremony









Subron Ten Patch




The following 4 pictures were sent in by Bill Kruzykowski. These pictures belonged to the late SH1 Simon Andrew Kruzykowski who served on the USS Fulton.

SH1 Kruzykowski served in the Navy from 1947 till 1964 aboard the following ships:

USNS General M. Rose

USNS Gibbons

USNS Upshur

USS Butner

USS Intrepid

USS Curtiss

USS Fulton

and did shore duty at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and at Correy Field, Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL. SH1 Kruzykowski served in the U.S. Army during WW2 before joining the Navy. For those who don't know about the Ships Serviceman rate (SH) Ship's servicemen manage and operate shipboard retail and service activities. This includes ship's stores, vending machines and video games, barber shops, laundry and dry cleaning plants, and tailor shops.


SH1 Kruzykowski retiring with sideboys


USS Fulton at Gitmo


USS Nautilus 1955




USS Fulton 1961





EM1 Ellis in the 1980's on main deck midships




USS Fulton at the Weapon's Pier in Bayone, New Jersey, off loading weapons in preparation for the SRA in Norfolk VA sometime around Jan 87 or Jan 88.



This is a picture of the USS Fulton pulling into Norfolk on October 1, 1991 Taken from the USS Grapple.